3 reasons Poly furniture is a LONG-TERM investment

Choosing the right outdoor furniture can be stressful. You will probably look at many characteristics and variations when picking your outdoor furniture – colors, comfort, styles, even price. But what is the one element that trumps all others when it comes to outdoor furniture? Weather durability.

Rain last night? No problem.

Although it is ideal to put away outdoor furniture before a storm, you don’t need to put poly lumber away if there if there is a big storm coming tonight. Unlike other patio furniture, polywood is a water-resistant material and won’t mold when left out in the rain, thanks to the strong HDPE plastics!

Left it out in the hot sun forever? We got you.

 With normal outdoor furniture, you don’t want to leave it out in the hot sun consistently. The color can fade, the materials can begin to crack, creating potential splinters and just an ugly set of patio furniture (and no one wants that). Polywood is UV resistant, which prevents fading when exposed to the sun.

Windy night? That’s alright.

 Depending on where you live, it can sometimes get windy. It typically takes 2 people to carry a piece of polywood furniture. Therefore, it is heavy enough that it won’t blow away! Unless it’s an F5 tornado, then you have more to worry about than a patio set. 

With outdoor furniture that can withstand elements like these, it is no wonder why polywood is held in such a high regard. Poly furniture enables you to enjoy a whole lifetime of beautiful outdoor patio furniture while paying minimal attention to it!

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