Best patio furniture in the neighborhood

Imagine you’re hosting a cookout for your friends in your neighborhood. The rave of the party is all about how amazing your patio furniture is. The wood of your dining set, the vibrance of the color on your polywood chairs, and the beauty of your cushions. They ask where you got the furniture from, and you don’t want to tell them, but you let it slip, “Mohican Lawn Structures.”

Variety of cushions

You can select any type of cushion you find desirable and choose between our 7 different cushions that we offer! Anywhere from a throw pillow to a head rest pillow, and everything in between. Make sure you and your guests are comfortable in your poly furniture!

Fabric Selection

We offer a wide selection of fabrics, with 24 different “SunBrella” fabrics and 20 different “Revolution” fabrics, we are bound to have the perfect fabric set for you. Get the eyes of your guests and shower in their compliments!

Poly furniture

You can search our huge selection of poly furniture; we have everything from our Poly Fish Chair Lounger to polywood dining sets. Surely, you will find something that will make your guests gasp in awe of your beautiful furniture!

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