Poly furniture is the King of outdoor furniture, here’s why:

Outdoor furniture is an area where you want top of the line quality. This is mainly due to the weather, but another thing to keep in mind is that your neighbors will always see your patio furniture set. It is important that your furniture is not only durable, but also appealing to the eye. This is a perfect combination for Poly furniture.

Color options

Poly furniture is made of extremely strong HDPE plastics. The HDPE plastics can be infused with any color you’d like. Make sure you pick a color you love because you can’t paint it. The polywood is designed to repel any type of coating, even paint. 

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Because of the strong nature of HDPE, you do not have to worry much about the maintenance of the poly furniture. A good splash from the power wash hose once a year would do. No need to worry about the color fading away, the materials breaking down, or even that moldy spot that every piece of wooden outdoor furniture gets. HDPE fixes this!

Lasts forever

Poly furniture is weather resistant and highly durable; therefore, it lasts a lifetime. It stands against all the elements. You can even have a cookout in the middle of winter with no worries!

Poly furniture is the golden standard for outdoor furniture. Using HDPE plastics to get the best aesthetics and the best durability, it really is the most ideal outdoor patio furniture there is!

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