Myths and Misconceptions About Poly Furniture

Poly is in high demand. Here are some myths about poly that certainly are not true.

Poly Furniture is Not Comfortable

Poly is a high-density recycled plastic which means that it does not mold or change to fit your body. That does not mean that Poly is not comfortable. Finding outdoor furniture that fits your body is a challenge everyone faces whether buying poly furniture or not. Mohican Law Structure even sells accessories like cushions and fabrics to accommodate your poly furniture.

Poly Is Difficult to Care For

Not only is poly easy to take care of, but it also boasts one of the easiest ways to clean outdoor furniture. Since poly furniture is a hard and durable recycled plastic, all it needs to be cleaned is water. Not only is poly easy to clean, but it also is hard to damage.

This outdoor furniture can take a hefty beating and still look amazing. Although poly is very heavy and might be hard to move, that just means that it won’t be going anywhere during a storm. You will have peace of mind if you buy poly.

Wood Furniture Is Better

While wood furniture is a competitor of poly outdoor furnishings, the competition is less than you would think. Wood is the more economic choice upfront. However, poly doesn’t need much maintenance at all compared to wood.

With wood, there could be cracks, and water damage is an issue. Poly is stronger and can take more of a beating than its competitor but is the more expensive choice. Do not forget, buying poly means buying forever.

With so many reasons to buy go poly, what’s holding you back? To get in contact or to get a quote, please visit

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