Why Poly Furniture is the Future of Outdoor Furniture

The sights, sounds and smell of fall are in the air.  You may even have a taste of fall if you're sipping on cider or enjoying s’mores.  What a great time of year to consider polyethylene (poly) furniture which many are calling the ‘future of outdoor furniture’.


How did poly furniture earn the title: ‘Future of outdoor furniture’?



Poly furniture will last well into the future so let’s see why.  The interesting manufacturing process of poly furniture creates a unique product so well suited for the outside, that there is no doubt it will last a lifetime.  The process begins with high density polyethylene (HDPE) derived from post-consumer recycled plastics.  The cleaned and compressed plastic is combined with dyes and foaming compounds then shaped into planks, making them resemble the appearance of wood. 


Low Maintenance

The composition of poly furniture allows the pieces to remain outside in the elements without deterioration.  This eliminates the threat of mold, mildew, cracking, splintering, color fade and rust.  These benefits greatly reduce the need for long term maintenance, increasing a buyer’s advantage.  Simply keeping the pieces clean will be the extent of the maintenance one must do for the life of poly furniture. 



Poly furniture continues to flex its advantages with its durability and strength.  These pieces are uncompromisingly sturdy throughout their life. The investment you make at the time of purchase will remain worthwhile for years to come.  At Mohican Lawn Structures, their poly furniture is built by local experienced crafters, and they stand behind the durability of each product. 



Each piece of poly furniture at Mohican Lawn Structures comes in a vast array of colors and styles.  With each individual purchase, you can choose the unique design that matches what you’ve imagined for your outdoor living space.  They offer poly rocking chairs, swings, benches, tables and other complimentary pieces in colors and styles you choose from. 

Let the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Mohican Lawn Structures help you transform your outdoor living space into a seasonal haven for your enjoyment.  Before you know it, you could be wearing your flannel shirt, sipping hot chocolate in a beautiful, hand-crafted poly chair right on your porch or patio.  Visit their shop today and make poly your choice of furniture for the future.

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