Tips and Tricks to Help Maximize the Life of Your Patio Furniture

When you invest in quality outdoor furniture to create your dream outdoor living space, you will want your purchased furniture to last a very long time!  Here are several tips and tricks to help you keep your investment looking and functioning like new. 


If polyethylene furniture was your choice, then there is very little maintenance needed throughout the life of your pieces.  With poly furniture, it is manufactured to withstand moisture, heat, insects, mold, mildew, rust, and fluctuating temperatures so you will not need to do anything more than keep your furniture clean.  Keep in mind, if using a power washer, place the setting at 1,500 psi or lower when cleaning poly furniture. 


If you chose rustic wood furniture from Mohican Lawn Structures, it is already beautifully covered with a waterproof stain.  Mohican Lawn Structures recommends that you keep this furniture inside, out of the weather, during rainy and winter elements.  Their rustic wood furniture will also need to be kept clean and away from animals to help maintain its life and beauty. Some retailers sell patio furniture covers to place over patio furniture during inclement weather.  This would allow customers to protect patio pieces that are not easy to move. 


Whichever type of patio furniture you have chosen, we hope these tips are helpful to you.  For further recommendations and professional advice on keeping your patio furniture looking like new and lasting as many years as possible, visit the experts at Mohican Lawn Structures. In Loudonville, Ohio.  Their friendly staff will answer any questions you may have about patio furniture care or other products they have available.

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