Creating Your Perfect Outdoor Oasis: Mohican Lawn Structure’s Furniture Collections and Customizable Options

Designing an outdoor living space with all the trimmings is an adventure not to be taken lightly.  Your design style, color preferences, and space limitations are all to be taken into consideration.  You do, however, have plenty of choices when shopping for poly furniture at Mohican Lawn Structures.  



The first step in shopping for outdoor furniture is to take a look at the different styles.  Our selection of chairs, tables, swings, and more come in classic options and sophisticated choices to please a variety of tastes.  From stationary Adirondack chairs to swivel seating, from high chair dining to elegant family style seating, there is sure to be a style that meets your design mandates.  



Berlin Gardens provides our color options and there is no shortage of choices.  There are multiple color themes and a plethora of colors under each theme heading.  


  • 9 Regular Colors including Smoke Gray, White, and Green.  
  • 6 Tropical colors including Aruba Blue, Mango Orange, and Sunburst Yellow. 
  • 6 Natural finishes including Antique Mahogany, Seashell, and Brazilian Walnut. 
  • 11 Marine Color Finishes including Hammered Stainless, MGP Matte Black, and MGP Teal.
  • 9 Two Toned Color options such as Chocolate Brown-Black, Navy Blue-Light Gray, and Burgundy-Black.
  • 11 Popular on White colors
  • 12 Natural on White choices


Stop in and see which color choices and design styles are available.  


Berlin Gardens also makes available their fabric cushions, pillows, and replacement cushions for each piece of outdoor furniture.  The color and fabric options for coordinating throw pillows with cushions are nearly endless.  


Creating the perfect outdoor living space is an important yet simplified task with the help of Mohican Lawn Structures.  Stop in and see us today!

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