Sustainability at the Forefront: Mohican Lawn Structures Commitment to Eco Friendly Manufacturing and Materials

When you purchase a piece of outdoor poly furniture from Mohican Lawn Structures, you are investing in the sustainability of our community.  Our outdoor furniture pieces are manufactured with 95% recycled content, keeping thousands of pounds of plastic containers from deteriorating our environment.  Continue reading to see why this is so important.  



Many shoppers consider the protection of our environment when making purchases and that includes outdoor furniture.  Our poly lumber outdoor pieces are made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic that has been transitioned to beautiful, durable, and long lasting poly lumber.  HDPE is derived from plastic containers such as laundry detergent bottles and milk jugs that have been cleaned, crushed, melted, and formed into usable lumber.  That lumber is then assembled into high quality outdoor furniture right here in Ohio’s Amish country.  



This environmentally friendly production limits the amount of trees that have to be harvested which promotes fresher, cleaner air.   It also greatly reduces the amount of plastic waste in our landfills.  Additionally, there is very little shipping time and use of fuel since our manufacturing and selling take place locally.  All of these advantages produce a better environment for today and for future generations and encourage the continuation of manufacturing from recycled materials.  


Purchasing outdoor furniture from Mohican Lawn Structures enables you to positively impact the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy beautiful, stylish outdoor furniture all at once.  Come see us today.

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