The Best of Both Worlds:  Mohican Lawn Structure’s Outdoor Furniture Combines Style and `sustainability

The issue of plastic waste has been mounding for many decades.  Thousands of pounds of milk jugs, laundry soap, and shampoo bottles and more end up in landfills daily.  Keeping plastics from deteriorating our environment and creating beautiful and functional outdoor furniture is a practice achieved by Mohican Lawn Structure’s pieces from Berlin Gardens.


As a dealer for the innovative and sleek outdoor furniture designed and manufactured at Berlin Gardens, Mohican Lawn Structures brings you style and sustainability.  



The style you prefer can be found in our extensive line of chairs from our contemporary Nordic line to our tall line of Bristol options.  You are sure to find the style that’s perfect for you.  Our table options offer your style preferences as well.   From our comfortable Homestead options to our enduring Garden Classics, your outdoor dining will be done with your unique style.  And don’t forget our perfect selection of outdoor furniture accessories to optimize the use of your outdoor living space! 



The manufacturing of our versatile line of outdoor poly furniture is also a sustainable endeavor which limits the addition of everyday used plastic containers from our landfills.  Our poly furniture has 95% recycled content incorporated into its production.  The high tech equipment that is used in manufacturing sanitizes and crushes each recycled plastic container prior to breaking it down into small crystals which are then melted and formed into boards.  The boards are then used to assemble our unique pieces of outdoor furniture at the hands of our qualified and experienced craftsmen. 


Mohican Lawn Structures invites you to see our amazing style options for yourself.  You can know that your purchase supports an eco-friendly practice while you enjoy the poly outdoor furniture in your outdoor life.  Stop by our store today!

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